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The Benefits of Muay Thai Kickboxing

Somewhere within the Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. area are hundreds of people who are just beginning to experience the benefits of Muay Thai kickboxing. It has quickly become a popular martial arts sport that is both competitive and beneficial. Many may wonder what Kickboxing is all about and how it can benefit them.

There are many benefits to becoming a Muay Thai kickboxer:

• Teaches you self defense
• Increases strength and agility
• Increases self confidence
• Teaches you discipline
• Builds your stamina
• Helps you to lose weight

Anyone can learn Muay Thai kickboxing. It is a form of unarmed combat that is appropriate for everyone including children. The discipline that children get from this form of martial arts can help them not only in life but in school as well. It can help increase their concentration and improve their grades as a result. Many children notice bullying is no longer a problem after they begin kickboxing classes because they have more self confidence in themselves.

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Muay Thai As Conditioning: Is It Right For You?

If you have been considering taking classes or learning the martial arts form of Muay Thai, then you have likely heard about this type of martial arts for its conditioning and fitness benefits. There are many who have been turning to Muay Thai as a way to get in shape and to start on a new fitness and conditioning program.

What is Muay Thai Kickboxing?

Before deciding if this kickboxing style is right for you and the best option to fulfill your conditioning needs, you will need to have a basic idea of what it is. This ancient form of martial arts is a type of kickboxing that first originated in Thailand. It combines self defense and competitive sparring techniques and uses not only the hands and feet but the elbows and knees as well.

This is a stand up fighting form, with an emphasis on discipline, that is known mostly for the conditioning that those learning the martial arts form go through. This is why this ancient form of martial arts is not only popular for those who are looking to learn basic self defense and those who are looking to train in the martial arts, but for those who are looking to get in shape.

Why Muay Thai For Fitness Training?

When it comes to choosing a fitness training regimen, there are many turning to Muay Thai because it incorporates so many different techniques and exercises in every class to deliver a huge impact. Training for Muay Thai boxing is all about getting a complete body workout and one that has helped people of all fitness levels lose weight and tone up. At its core these training and conditioning courses with Muay Thai are a great form of aerobic fitness. However, they also offer toning and muscle building benefits as well for the arms and legs.

This form of kickboxing is also known for being an intense and effective core workout. Many of the moves are designed around having a tight and engaged core. This means in all of your exercises you are consistently working your core and getting toning and muscle building in the abdominal area.

Turning to this unique type of martial arts training is a great option for people of all different fitness levels. Typically your training will not only include things like sparring, learning moves and covering the basics of this fighting form, but it will also include things such as jump roping, stretching, and other conditioning techniques designed to help the body be better able to adapt to the moves and training that you do while learning this fighting technique. The result is a type of conditioning unlike any other and one that is designed to deliver outstanding results.

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Traditional Muay Thai Versus Modern Day Striking

Is traditional Muay Thai best for striking? Traditionalists will say absolutely without a doubt. Muay Thai is the best, but Thai Boxing goes back a long time and hasn’t evolved as many may think. They didn’t have things like the Internet to share knowledge and the Thai’s didn’t have the option to travel, and so they were limited to certain techniques.

In this day and age we have the option to take the best striking techniques from other martial arts and add them to our striking system. When choosing a martial arts school make sure they add techniques like the spinning back kick which would be considered taboo to many Muay Thai traditionalists. But how about using what works? How about evading strikes instead of walking into them to avoid injury. Slipping punches is also demonized in Thai Boxing because you could be potentially kicked in the head, but does that mean that we can’t use any head movement so that we’re not a moving target? If you want to be the best striker you can be, take Muay Thai and add to it, especially Western-style boxing.

Western-style boxing is known for its beautiful punches and slips. Muay Thai is not. There is a revolution, an evolution of Thai Boxing is going on right now in America and especially in the Philadelphia area. It has evolved into a more complete striking art and you either jump on board or you’re going to miss the boat. Traditionalists will be limited and they will not know how to defend the added techniques being implemented to curriculum across the country every day. Just watch the Ultimate Fighting Championships and you’ll see Thai Boxing being used with effective spinning back-fists, spinning elbows and variations of each of those.

John Jones is a perfect example. John “Bones” Jones has taken Muay Thai and made it work for his body type and modified it as necessary so he could be the ultimate mixed martial artist. At the end of the day if you want to be the best fighter you can be, you’ll take the time to learn what works and not what worked in the 18th century and before.

The striking game is ever evolving in Mixed Martial Arts. Remember when you are looking to train the striking martial arts, try to find a gym where they are teaching all aspects of striking including Muay Thai and Boxing. Again make sure the school you select incorporates all facets of striking.

In this day and age we have the option to take the best striking techniques from other martial arts and add them to our Muay Thai system. At Daddis Mixed Martial Arts in Philadelphia, they add techniques like the spinning back kick which would be considered taboo to many Muay Thai traditionalists.